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Mark Twain on public speaking
"It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech."
- MarkTwain


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Speak with Confidence and
Influence Audiences

Your career, your cause and your community depend on it.

What makes public speaking so significant?
  • Whether you are getting your project funded to winning public office,
  • making that special sale to getting regulatory approval,
  • presenting your research findings to motivating your staff
your results are significantly influenced by how well you present your 'case.' And, rightly, or, wrongly, your overall performance is often judged on your ability to communicate its value through public speaking.

But, the fact that you have come to this site indicates that you are already aware of that.

So, what is the most effective way for you to gain the skills and feedback you need to become a memorable public speaker? There is no set answer to the question. What will work for you depends on several factors:
  • your short and long term needs for great presentations
  • the immediacy of your need
  • your availability
  • your need for flexibility as you develop your speaking skills
  • your budget.
SpeechGems offers a wide range of options to help you choose. If your need for a killer speech is immediate, you will want to go directly to our Products and Services page to find out the best way to boost your confidence, skill and impact.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in the long term development of your skills, why not start slowly by checking out the free tips and articles on the site, and, signing up for our bi-weekly newsletter of tips and full length articles on improving your public speaking skills and your career. They will give you a jump start on your next presentation, a general idea of what makes a great speech and a host of strategies to take your career to the top.

Once you have had a chance to implement some of the ideas, subscribe to our members' site, join us for a teleseminar and browse through our coaching and product options to decide on your next step to become an influential and memorable public speaker.

Why choose SpeechGems to help you?

SpeechGems is operated by Norm and Delva Rebin who, for over 20 years, have coached CEO's, politicians, salespeople, scientists, educators and policy makers to become outstanding communicators and leaders. As a result, we know what will work for you and for your audiences; and, w can help you achieve it quickly and easily.

Not really certain about which way to proceed?

Maybe you would just like to chat with us about your speaking plans. If so, let us know your presentation questions, concerns and hopes.

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